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This new and modern system is being used by financial institutions to increase efficiency of bank branches. by automatically following every move that the client makes.

Our devices use vision sensors to track the pedestrian traffic while the system tries not capture images of individuals or faces, ensuring confidentiality.

  • We can track the arrivals from customers to the branch.
  • Counts the number of people standing in the waiting lines.
  • Registers the number of customers served by each cashier and service times.

The system can be used to determine the number of customers who are frustrated and leave the row as slow service, or clients to see a long row decide to leave the branch.

In addition, you can monitor traffic on exhibitors and service counters.

Based on the analysis of traffic for each branch can identify areas for improvement with very specific recommendations for each branch, "Tell us, for example, what day and at what time must have a number of staff to ensure superior service."

The Bank can also get real time data on changing traffic patterns that allow quick adjustments in the service and thus not wait for complaints begin to appear.

These devices also can help identify where to place the merchandising, where to put the screens and how efficient they are.


Financial institutions with our system have had significantly up to 35% efficiency, reducing irritated customers and timeouts.