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Automatically and continuously captures, analyzes and reports in real time on the number of people trained in a row, and their timeout, at the same time to time care in the box.

Every minute, every day of the week; monitors visitors and their activity inside the store.





Service management is focused on delivering real-time information.

Management reports can be accessed through a web portal, even from mobile phones or tablets, which means that from the central office, shop, or elsewhere, authorized personnel can quickly and easily access the storage service relevant information where and when needed.

Opportynity Areas

Making in housing improvements and optimizing staff availability and optimize the number and combination of boxes.






Every minute of every day, automatically and with precision know:

  • Row length (number of people in line)
  • Waiting time
  • Clients serced
  • Service speed
  • Available Cashiers
  • Unavailable Cashiers
  • Utilización de cajas
  • ATM efficiency and utilization



One goal of a retailer is "No more than three clients in any row".