Sisconper: Automatic Passenger Counter
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It is a robust, durable and precise system designed for transport.

It can be installed in:

  • Buses
  • Subway
  • Trains.

Account persons doors up to 3.0 meters wide.
Its durability is more than 10 years.
Simplifies management
Schedule Compliance
Control of passengers and routes made




  • Account persons in both directions while (Up and Down).
  • Excludes people who stand for long periods on the doors but choose not to enter or exit the vehicle.
  • Account persons entering or leaving at any speed.
  • Delivery records for each control point of the route with date, time and location coordinates (GPS version).
  • It has people who are still very close to each other, with an accuracy above 97%
  • You can exclude counting children (configurable).
  • You can exclude counting children (configurable).
  • Detects blocking or disconnecting sensors made intentionally, recording such events with date, time and the time during which the sensor was blocked.
  • Digital and analog ports for connection with prepayment systems, fuel sensors etc.
  • Download data automatically in real time.
  • Videotaping of people going up and down (with DVR)


Software Monitoring and Control

 The software allows us to monitor either from the control center or from our mobile phone via web, provides information such as:


  • Number of passengers carried
  • Route traveled,
  • Kilometers traveled,
  • Maximum speed,
  • Stops made,
  • Panic button,
  • Reports:




The tool is able to generate detailed reports for each unit or route


Easy and friendly environment


Email alerts automatically.